Back to blogging

It’s been a few weeks since I blogged because of some projects that needed attention. A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting with my vet school classmate and chum, Dr. Patty Khuly. She was in LA for a television interview on KTLA about rabbits as pets (on Easter no less). We spent a few evenings together catching up, and talking vet stuff. Patty is a very successful blogger from Miami, and I just love her writing. She has a wonderful perspective on veterinary medicine and pet care. Check out her writing on!!

So while Patty was here, she interviewed me about my specialty veterinary toxicology, which of course I love to talk about.

Follow this link to read my interview with her.

And then today’s post by Patty.

My tweets this week are focusing on metal poisonings, with more to follow both here on my blog and in my tweets.