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Sick or Treat?

Sick or Treat? Look out for these common Halloween Hazards and Toxins for Dogs!

Halloween brings out costumes and tricksters, and also creates certain hazards and toxins for dogs and our pets. In addition weather changes in early Fall bring out nature’s dangers. This blog will discuss our evil ghouls that come out this season: Chucky Chocolate, Serious Xylitol, Slithering Snakes, and Scary Spiders; and describe what can be done to keep your pet household safe and festive...

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Back to Blogging

Back to blogging

It’s been a few weeks since I blogged because of some projects that needed attention. A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting with my vet school classmate and chum, Dr. Patty Khuly. She was in LA for a television interview on KTLA about rabbits as pets (on Easter no less). We spent a few evenings together catching up, and talking vet stuff...

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Friday the 13th

It’s been a very rainy day here in southern California today. And it was a cold rain at that. The snow level was low enough in the mountains that one of our faculty members at work got snowed in and wasn’t able to make to work today. By afternoon it was thundering ferociously. It was Friday the 13th afterall. My colleague getting snowed in at home reminded me about deicing salts and how hazardous they are to dogs...

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Give Peace Lilies A Chance

Yesterday I wrote about how toxic the true lilies, ie Easter lilies are to cats. And if you missed the often-repeated message in the blog here it is again. If you live with cats, please do not bring lilies into the home or yard. Today I want to talk about the “other lily”, the Peace Lily. Don’t let the name fool you; it is not a true lily...

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